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Welcome to the home of the 14th annual SUNY Learning Network SUNY Online Learning (SOL) Summit for online instructional designers & directors of online learning.

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Conference Dates and Location. February 27-28 & March 1, 2013 . DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Syracuse, N. Y. 

14th annual SLN SOLsummit

February 27-28 &  March 1, 2013 . DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Syracuse, N. Y. 

The SLN SOLSummit, sponsored by the SUNY Learning Network (SLN), is an annual SUNY-wide conference specifically for online instructional designers, directors of online learning, and those interested in online learning environment support, services, and best practices.

The first Summit was held in 1998 as an annual face to face meeting of the SLN faculty development and instructional design team and the online campus-based SUNY instructional designers (also known at that time as MIDs) whose campuses participated in the SLN program.

Today, the SLN SOLSummit is open to anyone regardless of their CMS, SUNY, or SLN affiliation.

Click on the general info link for Summit posts. Check http://twitter.com/slnsolsummit for Summit news, status, and updates.


The SLN SOLsummit has a 3-day agenda.

Day 1 (2.27.13)
Open to all regardless of affiliation with SLN or SUNY.
Though the day-1 agenda targets SLN member campuses, any interested SUNY-affiliated campus member is welcome to attend. Please check the agenda for sessions of interest.

Day 2 (2.28.13)
Open to all regardless of affiliation with SLN or SUNY.

Day 3 (3.1.13) TBD
Open to all regardless of SUNY or SLN/CPD affiliation. Enthusiastic participation from SLN, CPD, and DOODLE members is invited.


Leveraging Open Education for International Partnerships

Presenter: Karen Vignare, Ph.D., Driector of MSUGlobal VenturesMichigan State University

The adoption and growth of open educational resources presents higher education with many new opportunities. More funders, government and foundations are beginning to expect that resources and research development include open licensing. MSUglobal has worked with faculty throughout Michigan State University to seed an understanding of how to leverage mostly online technologies to improve research, extension and academic programs. International programs are designed with an understanding of current capabilities and long-term growth. These technologies are coupled with a commitment to be open. The presentation will review projects in Africa, Asia, Saudi Arabia and ones which are global.

Advancing open educational resources allows Michigan State to continue a long history of international development. The number of international projects making use of online technologies will continue to grow. The presentation will provide approaches to developing partnerships that leverage the use of technology to achieve deliverables.

MSUglobal ICT capabilities

MSUglobal, http://msuglobal.com/ is an entrepreneurial unit in the Provost’s Office leveraging technology to help faculty and departments achieve their research, revenue and reach goals. The unit has extensive Information Communication Technologies (ICT) experience in online learning, blended learning, knowledge management, open educational resources (OER), international projects, database design and synchronous web conferencing. MSUglobal has won multiple national awards for distance learning, the Food Safety Knowledge Network, and synchronous design of webcasts.

With more than a decade of experience in ICT, MSUglobal has continued to innovate with new technologies and platforms which provide a customized experience for users. MSUglobal goals are to design effective online tools which provide impact, create results and can be sustained beyond an initial launch. MSUglobal works with external and internal Michigan State partners to leverage technology. Some recent projects include collaborative work with King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia, launching an entrepreneurial online certificate for both Saudi and MSU students. MSUglobal also launched a successful massively online open course in metropolitan agriculture. With four African universities, MSUglobal led with OER Africa a successful launch of Agshare, which reinvents graduate student learning by focusing on real community problems and sharing open research through teaching cases, thesis, papers and community brochures.


Open by Design

presenter: Jim Groom, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia

One of the most prevalent and amorphous terms in the discussion around online education as of late is open. This presentation will explore the implications of this term as its used on a regular basis by scholars, institutions, businesses, and politicians over the last decade. From there, the presentation will focus specifically on the implications of the term open as it applies to teaching and learning online. What is new about open education as it relates to the web? Can an open course environment help students learn in new ways? Does an open classroom foster community? Can open education begin to help us come to terms with the inflated prices of education?

Embedding Student Affairs Into Online Learning

Presenter: Eric Stoller
Academic advising and student affairs actively contribute to student success. In the context of online learning, student affairs and advising have largely been absent. How we integrate academic affairs and student services in online spaces is a question that we need to answer today, not tomorrow. This session will provide historical context about the challenges and opportunities of embedding student affairs into online learning and give practical examples of how to make it happen.